Hash House A Go Go

Is it me or do the high end places serve the most itty bitty plates for an arm and a leg? I get that for those restaurants it is about quality and artistry. But when do we get to that tipping point where we can say the value is just right?

Well there are days I don’t want to think about my wallet. Sometimes I want a sizeable meal for a reasonable price. This is what Hash House A Go Go is. You get large portions for $15-20. The food is really good too.

I took my boyfriend’s brothers out as a thank you for them taking care of our dog when Mr. Lumberjack and I are working. I knew this was right up their alley. It wasn’t too fancy, they would be able to get full and it was tasty.

I have been to the one in Florida and got the gigantic Friend Chicken and Waffles. I was hoping one of his brothers would order a plate so I can see him win at life. However, everyone was saving their stomach for a cookout later that day.

So they, along with myself, got the most basic b**** breakfast we could get. I got one blueberry flapjack with eggs and sausage. I also got to try Mr. lumberjack’s banana latte, which was the highlight of my breakfast.

Head out to the Gold Coast neighborhood to try this place. It is super casual. If you eat small portions, I would recommend sharing a plate with two or three people when ordering the humongous plates.




  1. Impower You

    We have a Hash House in San Diego. I only went once with my brother and his friend. I tried to keep up with them by finishing my plate. That turned into a painful situation which taught me to eat smaller portions. It was bad after, but it was good eating! LOL.


    1. maybaypiggy

      Oh yes, this time I portion controlled myself. The first time though, I was in Florida and thought it would be cute to get the Man vs Food plate. I nearly died and that trip to Disney World afterwards felt like I was heavy for the entire day. I learned my lesson as well to eat less.


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