Every once in awhile Dennis gets into one of our adventurous moods. Him more so than me; that is why he brings out the better part of me. Anyways, so we hit two places, a pizza bar and a barcade. I was looking forward to try Parlor Pizza, but I remembered these amazing, decadent drinks.

We headed there around 9 PM and the place is packed, partially due to the warming tent being the size of small hallway.

Bombobar is on the side of Bar Sienna, lined up on a sidewalk. There is only one window to order, limited seating and the menu isn’t large. I think that’s the appeal.

So I was excited for an instagram-worthy drink photo, but I was too full for all that sugar. I got a double scoop (only size available actually), one of vanilla and one of charcoal Oreo. OMG! Charcoal Oreo was the best. It got creamy. It got crunchy. It got color. I loved it. I wasn’t too impressed with vanilla. Too basic if you ask me.

I got an iced matcha tea to cleanse my digestive system of all the crap I ate. Then, I got their famous bombini, which is a doughnut without the hole. I just got it for the squeeze bottle.

Hit this place up in the summer. You will join a sea of Chicagoans looking to take advantage of every beaming sun ray. This is the summation of summer.


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