3 Arts Club Cafe

My best with the rest is another year older. He and I have been planning for this fora while, but with all of the social events, we keep pushing it off. It always happens; we get too busy.

Dennis approves of the “vibe” aka decor. Mister sleepy head gets in line early and holds a spot for me and Mr. Lumberjack. The line wraps around the lobby and there is a lot to admire, especially the price tag.

We wait an hour and a half. To kill time, we explore every floor. The furniture is top of the line. Some are feminine, some are modern and some are professional. I will have a few pieces in my near future; I need that submarine wine rack.

After exactly an hour and a half, we get the coveted text and get prime seating. I look for salad but eventually crave for a burger. Surprise, surprise! The burger is so juicy. And here I thought this place is just a pretty face.

I eat delicious. The bestie is happy with the place. Mr. Lumberjack is happy with his prime rib sandwich. 3 Arts Club Cafe is a big winner.


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