When Family Visits Chicago

Hi everyone,

Good news flooded in via text that my cousins and niece are driving in this weekend. I am telling you, the older I get, the closer I feel to family. So of course, I was super excited and offered my place. I love hosting once in awhile.

This also happens to be the craziest weekend of my life. I got my dad’s birthday, our friend’s graduation, Mr. Lumberjack flies back from Spain, my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law fly in on Monday, I have to get ready for my trip, and on top of that, my dog is sick. Those damn sticks at the park!!!

So with all of this happening, in true fashion, I have developed some spots I would like to take them. My guests have their own plans while they are here, but I want to get in that quality time. Nah I’m saying?

1. Lincoln Park Zoo for the little niece. Why not? It is close and it is free.

2. Crisp. I just brag about this place to everyone. It is my favorite fried chicken place in the world, and I want all to experience its glory first-hand.

3. Maggie Day Ribbon. This is more for the little one again, but the park is good for adults too. It is near all those tourist spots!

Ok, now that I have my list, my head feels screwed on a little tighter. We have to hit at least one of these things this weekend. I can’t wait for this.


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