WOW Air was Wow

I decided to fly to iceland once I saw a cheap $100 one-way ticket. The price was amazing and I figured it would be my ticket into Europe this year.

This flight was going to be on the ever famous Wow Airlines. I have heard about its wonderfully cheap flights due to it being a budget airline. However, that left my expectations a bit low. In my head, I am picturing cramped leg room, tiny seats, poor execution.

On the day of my trip, I got there about an hour early and just waited. The airlines then called in the boarding groups. I was in the last one, so I thought I would be out of baggage space, but I was wrong.

I got a good soit for my luggage. I got a middle seat (boo), but I slept like a baby in them. My legs stretched out and me hunching into my seat. The only bad was I couldn’t lean my seat back farther than an inch. There was no one behind me, so I could have really used the luxury.

The flight was very smooth, the airplane reached our destination on time, and everyone filed in an efficient manner. I am pleasantly surprised about this airline; Seriously, zero complaints.


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