Budapest- The Paris of the East (Day 2/4)

Oh my, I wrote all four days in one blog post and it would take a person an hour to read it. I am not lying when I said I did a lot in Budapest. Each day was a joy and I want you to see how beautiful this place is. I had to break up the days.

Day 2

This day was filled with so much fun. We first had breakfast because I have barely eaten, besides the knuckle, anything on this trip. We got Hungarian French Toast at this coffee shop near the Donahy Synagouge. Super leggy bread, but super cheap too. In total, our breakfast cost $10.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we went to the synagogue. I am not too excited to look at religious architecture. It is one of those things I can look at for like a minute and then I am done. However, we took this really good tour that told us the history of the synagogue and why it was so important to the Jewish community. Some thing deep came over me, and I think that is true whenever we talk about the Holocaust.

Afterwards, we took the bus to Margaret Park, which is an island in the middle of the Danube River. I didnt do anything exciting here. This place is just an escape from city life and very high in nature. I walked more and more until I reached an eatery. Then, we took a bus (superb public transportation) off the island.

The last thing we did…surprise surprise, we walked some more. We were enjoying magic hour and took some beautiful pictures of the Parliaments and St. Stephen’s facades. Then, we had some more traditional Hungarian food before we walked home.

More to come…


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