Budapest- The Paris of the East (Day 4/4)

Well, this is the last day in Budapest. Like I said before, there is a lot to do here, so even on the last day, I was squeezing as many activities as possible. Carpe diem, right? It’s not every day I am in Hungary.

Day 4

The majority of the time we were in Pest. However, Buda had some beautiful things to see as well. It is the side hills, so of course, the views were better from that side.

First thing we did was go to Castle Hill, where the prime minister resides and there was a lot of history. This place had some old monuments but got renovated for tourism. It was a mix of old and new. I felt like I was at Disneyland.

We joined this 2 hour walking tour of Castle Hill. As usual, the tour guide was great-so much passion. You can walk Castle Hill in probably in 45 minutes, but if you want to learn more than 2 hours is more than enough. That day, the sun was beating down its harsh rays, which caused me to wear out. On the other hand, all of Pest illuminated for my beautiful photos.

Across from Castle Hill was a statue of a lady holding a palm leaf, signifying liberation from the Ottoman Empire. We wanted more beautiful pictures, so we caught the tram and then hiked up. I was hoping to run into a trolley but that never happened and I promise you I was not prepared for this hike. I was in black jeans and a gray sweater. Dying.

Anyways, we reach the top and I get the best pictures of the Danube River dividing the city. We enjoy a bit of the breeze from the tall trees and then head down a different path. We end up getting lost in a residential area but eventually make it to the Pest side again. I have never done so much walking.

To end it all, we eat, we pack and we sleep. Next up is Barcelona.


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