Barcelona- My Heart is Yours (Day 1/3)

Home stretch for the Euro trip. I forgot exactly when we landed, but there was still a lot to see and do that day, so I was thankful for that. Also, I took every opportunity to use my Spanish degree. Turns out, I haven’t forgotten too much. I know enough to survive here.

Day 1

We ate lunch at the hotel. I really have a problem. I don’t plan ahead and then starve by the time I land. Anyways, I went straight for the tapas, and I learned a new Spanish word, mejillones (mussels). It came in handy later because I ordered this a few times.

Then, we walked all the way down Las Ramblas, which was super crowded. I can see why it is a huge destination spot. There are so many shops and activities going on here.

We also walked around the Bocaría, where there were food stalls everywhere. I was thankful for fruit, because that has been missing from my diet for almost a week. We enjoyed some fresh fruit as we sat on the street.

Last, we watched a World Cup game. I forgot who was Japan was playing against (Denmark?), but the room was divided. A lot of high-pitch squeals on one side and a lot of rowdy hand-bangers on the other. Europe is such a cool place to watch fútbol.

For dinner, we ate at Vinitus, which was my highlight meal. For $40, I got the best meal of my life. I got ham tapas, sardines tapas, potato tapas, foie gras tapas, churros and a glass of wine. Also, the mood was beautiful and my friend and I could stretch our time there. No rush.

More to come…


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