Barcelona- My Heart is Yours (Day 3/3)

Ok so this is the last day. It was more like a half day, but I had to fit something in before I left. I knew it would be awhile until I flew back to Spain…unless Mr. Lumberjack gets his job in Spain and then the stars all align. Oh how I wish.

Day 3

I had to squeeze in one last Gaudi adventure. Luckily for me, there was one near the hotel and its facade looked the most interesting. They call it Casa Batlló. That man was ahead of his time.

I paid for the ticket. Pro tip: Pay online for a cheaper ticket. Then, I grabbed a walking tour device and stepped into their “basement.” I put quotes because this was no ordinary basement. This was a horse stable that opened up all the way to the top.

Gaudi modeled this house after the sea. I saw a lot blue, shimmering tiles. I also so some white arches similar to a whales skeleton. He also thought of ventilation in the most the most ingenious ways. No wonder why he is so special to Barcelona.

Afterwards, I quickly ate and then departed from my friend. I had to come back to work. I am sure most of you will understand. This trip has been the grandest trip I have taken in awhile and I saw so much.

Please please go visit Europe when you can. I think Hungary had to be my favorite country, but Spain has a place in my heart. I feel like speaking (or attempting to) made me feel integrated into the culture.

Until next time.


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