Steven’s Wedding (Los Angeles, California)

Hi again,

Two days after I came to Europe, I flew to California for my cousin’s wedding. Was I a little pooped? Honestly, not really.

I got to California really late around midnight. My cousin, Tim, who I haven’t seen since 11 years ago was awake. He ended up catching up with me and brother for a couple of hours. It was like old times…funny how that happens with family.

My brother and I shared a skinny, brown futon and I woke up like a champ the next day. I surprisingly had high energy. That day in California, the state was going through a serious heat wave. I think it reached around 97 F. I had little time to shop, so I brought this thick orange dress. I was not prepared. My cousin drove me to the mall and I grabbed a quick dress. First time going braless and I loved it.

Later on, we drove up into the mountains. My cousin’s, Steven, wedding was so beautiful. It was on this arid mountain. I was struggling with the heat, but the view and decor were a good distraction. Their wedding was unique, cute and very them (hippy).

After a few hours of chill time, we circled home with- let’s use a euphemism- happy-go-lucky cousin. The crew all took turns caring for him. Then Tim and I talked before I knocked out again. Unfortunately, my family left early Sunday so our catch-up time was limited.

I love family reunions more and more. Now that I have connected with Tim, I am thinking of heading back to my birth state to visit him and my other cousins. Gotta keep the family close.

Until next time.


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