Beatrix & Bombobar

Hi all,

Today will be an amazing Chicago restaurant, one of many. However, the market is so saturated, so you have to make sure you don’t waste time and only eat at the good places.

I have heard of Beatrix because they have a few around Chicago. I even got to the point of going in, but the line was so long, I walked out. I made sure to put in a reservation this time.

One of my best friends was in from San Diego. We would do so much together and her mom was so sweet to me, like a second mom. We are very close. So when I found out she was in town for the weekend, we meet for good food and catch up.

I selected Beatrix because of its reputation for good food, patio seating and neighborhood. Lately, there has been so much humidity. We went around 7 PM to escape that.

First, we got a plate of barrata, my new favorite cheese. It has light flavor like cottage cheese, the film is like a poached egg and the texture is smooth butter. You can pair it with something salty like pesto or something sweet like jam. I use that as my go-to every time.

Afterwards, I ordered pan-seared Chilean sea bass. I am on my work company’s weight loss program so I opted for seafood to be a little healthier. By how much? I have no idea. The fish cut was crunchy and ladled with a coconut corn sauce. So good.

We ditched dessert at Beatrix because I had something better in mind, Bombobar, which was a block south of the restaurant. Bombobar is the ultimate definition of summer. You order out of a window. You can get a decorative ice cream shake, bombolini (Italian donuts) or gelato. I got my usual charcoal oreo. I have a thing for black ice cream.

Mr. Lumberjack dropped off my childhood friend. We said our goodbyes, because it might be awhile before we see each other again. However, she is a true friend, so when we meet, we will continue where we left off.


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