Sur la Table (Part III)

Mr. Lumberjack’s time has finally come. My last job let me take Sur la Table classes with a plus one for free. I have taken three other people and Mr. Lumberjack was waiting for his turn.

Well I left that previous job, but it was nice enough to keep my Sur la Table class. Mr. Lumberjack will finally get his chance to attend a class. I let him choose, since he was not happy with any of my vegetarian suggestions.

We decided on Date Night: Steakhouse at Home. We went into class and we were the only students there. Our instructor told us we were very lucky, because their private classes cost a lot more. It was great to be in a class just us.

Mr. Lumberjack and I were no stranger to the kitchen. With just us working together, we were cruising through the recipes. It only took us one hour to finish and we were both smiling. We don’t do well when we’re hungry.

The meal was the best. We had the main course, which was medium rare flank stank with chimichurri sauce, an amazing tomato salad and flan. We ate more than a couple of servings and left with a full tank. It was fun, and our first date in a long time.

See the pics:

Until next time,


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