Yosemite National Park, California

Happy 60th birthday to my mom! Jeez, my parents are getting older. It is crazy to believe that my mom is entering into retirement soon, even though she has so much energy.

My mom always wanted to travel, but she never goes. She needs someone to go plan the trip and then go with her. I think she doesn’t like to go to unknown places…and she just likes to sit in the back and go along for the ride.

We flew into San Francisco and drove about 4 hours into the national park. It was a quiet drive and I was dead from the night before. However, I pushed myself to finish the drive.

The first night was just to grab some information and figure our bearings. Then, the second and the third night was for exploring…hiking, viewpoints and eating. I will go into the driving in a later post because it is a job in itself.

Yosemite National Park is so beautiful. You see so much from every angle and you just feel like an ant. You’re at the base of the mountain and it hovers over for miles.

There are a few major points to visit and if you’re young, you can hike up some really long trails. My parents tired out after awhile so we would just circle back.

But, you can make a Yosemite trip a week long trip if you wanted to. It also doesn’t have to be expensive to. We saw so many campgrounds and I thought the junk food at the shops were reasonable.

My parents and I stayed at a lodge outside of the park, which wasn’t as bad as they thought. It wasn’t the newest place, but it had all the necessary amenities. We were pleased with our stay.

This park is more of a once-in-a-lifetime for us. We saw what we wanted to see and we want to see other national parks. However, please please go and enjoy nature. You will truly feel serenity (spotty wireless).



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