Apple Picking at County Line Orchard

‘Tis the season. Leaves are changing, the air is getting brisk and in the U.S., the apple picking season is here. Yes, it is a thing for us to go pick our apples, which always makes me laugh. We pay to go do the labor ourselves like Korean BBQ.

Because I live in the city, my friend and I had to drive out to a rural area. We took an hour trip to Indiana, and the farm was so big and beautiful. I especially loved the farm house; it had every treat imaginable. I got doughnuts, apple cider, cheese popcorn and gummy bears.

We then went through my very first corn maze. It was fun. You had to follow a map to these stands to punch your card. The goal was to get all of them and let me tell you something. That map needed some work. It was not very accurate and we got lost a couple of times.

Then, came apple picking. I love a firm, crisp apple. We started with a type called Suncrisp. That one happened to be my favorite so I didn’t bother remembering the other names. We just a got variety for our apple pie later.

Sorry for the lack of photos, but I was only in the mood for one. Haha. Sometimes you are too lazy to pose.



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