40 Countries by 40

Hi everyone,

It is that time of year again where I reevaluate my travel plans. I got really fortunate this year and was able to fulfill my travel goal. I flew on 12 trips already, and by the end of the year, I will make it 13. Since I live my life by lists, this is going to get me motivated for another successful year of trips. My goal is to travel to 40 countries by the time I hit 40. See below (in order of interest):

  1. Cuba
  2. Indonesia
  3. Thailand
  4. Turkey
  5. Jordan
  6. Argentina
  7. Kenya
  8. Chile
  9. Nepal
  10. Italy
  11. Tanzania
  12. Peru
  13. Japan
  14. Greece
  15. Croatia
  16. Mauritius
  17. Ghana
  18. Finland
  19. Uzbekistan
  20. Costa Rica

I will be at 20 countries by end of 2018, so time to save for traveling twice a year and ditch the material things.

I can’t wait to bring more stories around the world for you in 2019.




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