An Unfamiliar Place, Morocco

Hi to my fellow travel lovers,

Next week, I am flying to my first Islamic and African country, Morocco. I am so excited to get a sensory overload. Before I booked this trip, my knowledge extended as far as doing a graduate marketing plan for Morocco. So, I did do high-level, cultural research. However, I wouldn’t say I was well-versed in it.

When it came time to book a trip, I was a little nervous on booking a trip to an Islamic country. You hear on the news all these negative events. Luckily, I took some psychology in school and I understand that my biases were in play.

The media informs us on real news, but it can show us a one-sided view. When you see negative things over and over again, you assume that the country is all negative things. I am aware of this, so I make a conscious effort to rid my ignorance.

From school, I knew Morocco and the U.S. are allies. I figured this means Morocco would have some similar values as the United States, so I wanted to start there as a gateway to all my future Islamic travels. So I booked the flights and decided to learn the culture. That is part of the fun anyways.

I watched YouTube, read blogs and read websites. All of them were informative and they basically put my mind at ease. When you know what to expect, the unknown becomes less unknown. That goes to prove we fear what we don’t know.

I am glad that I am finally taking the steps to go here. This will be unlike any country I have been to before, a completely different avenue. But I live to learn, connect and experience with others, and that is exactly what I am going to do.



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