Is Morocco Safe?

Ciao my globe trotters,

We are still on the topic of Morocco this week. Before I flew onto this trip, I was really nervous and that was a big reason I decided to go with a travel agency. I was not alone. When I told others about my trip, people were shocked and genuinely scared for me.

I am appreciative people care about my safety, and of course, I care about MY safety too. However, after being to Morocco, I say Morocco is definitely safe.

I would actually return to Morocco and feel comfortable going alone as a woman. That is how safe I feel.

The first thing I noticed was women walking on the streets by themselves. Some of the women were wearing the djellaba, and other women were wearing Western clothing. Our Tour Manager told us that the women were wearing that due to tradition, not due to religion requirement. It made me think that women had rights in Morocco, at least more than I assumed.

Secondly, aside from the aggressive sellers to warnings against pickpocketers, I never felt threatened. I felt like I could kindly say no and walk away. Also, I never felt like someone was going to attack me because I looked like a typical tourist. Walking the streets at night was not a problem for me.

Lastly, I would see policemen here and there, which to me was comforting. I knew if I was lost or if I felt unsafe, I could go up to them and ask for help. A lot of Moroccans know English and French, so communicating with authorities should be doable. Otherwise, use Google Translate.

Morocco eased my fears to traveling to an Islamic country. What I found was the true Muslim kindness; the people were very open, patient and genuine. I am so happy I went here, and now I have other Muslim countries, such as Qatar and UAE, I’d like to visit.

Thank you for everything, Morocco.




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