5 Moroccan Foods for Your Belly

Ciao my globe trotters,

The downside to traveling through an agency is the Amercanized food. I don’t know if it is to save our stomachs from illness or to appease our tongue, but I always want to eat like the locals do. The more authentic the food, the better it is.

On our free days, I made sure to try authentic food. So far, here are things I think you should all try.

Anything cooked in the ceramic, conical shape is called tangine. There can be any meat in there like chicken, lamb or beef. It can also be vegetarian. My favorite one I tried is chicken, lemon and olives on a bed of couscous. That is by far the best flavor, because the couscous was savory. I haven’t gotten used to the sweet flavor yet.

Moroccan Tea
This is also known as Moroccan Whiskey. It is minty and a little bitter. You can order it with or without sugar. I love having it with every meal, and it has saved me a couple of times when my stomach starts cramping. I love this stuff.

A lady was making these outside one of our pit stops. It is this round roti-looking though. She sears it onto an oiled flat grill. Afterwards, you can ask her to spread extra condiments on there like butter and honey. I got both. It is so greasy, crispy and sweet. Heartiest snack I had.

This is known as pigeon pie. Of course, the pie can have piegeon or sometimes chicken. The baker wraps the minced meat in phyllo dough and puts it into the oven. After it is done, the baker dusts on powdered sugar and cinnamon. It is quite the savory pie, but also sweet.

I think this just means side dishes, but there is one kind that I love. It reminds me of baba ganoush, but it is more flavorful. It is pureed roasted eggplant and is brownish in color. You take bread and dip it into the sauce and is so addicting and healthy.

Don’t be afraid to try things in Morocco. For the most part, the food looks sanitary to me. I ordered food from street carts and I didn’t get sick. Just bring Immodium in case you get unlucky.

Go let your inner fat kid out.



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