To My Favorite Travel Companion

Ciao my globe trotters,

It is that time of year where Mr. Lumberjack and I celebrate Valentine’s Day. It has become tradition we take this holiday easy because we burn out from “partying” with friends and family. Our alone time becomes the best moments for us.

This year, however, Mr. Lumberjack and I are in our 5th year together, so we justified our trip to Morocco as partial Valentine’s presents to ourselves even though it was during November.

While on the trip, we noticed some solo travelers, which we really admire. If you want to go somewhere, you shouldn’t have to wait on someone to go with you. However, there were certain times, we thought it would get lonely, especially when we broke into groups to look around sites and take pictures.

It made me think how lucky I am to have someone that travels with me. Even though, I am always the one initiating (got credit at the dinner table for that) these trips, I like having someone with me to share the experience. So for Mr. Lumberjack, I am thankful to travel with you and I hope to go to many more places.

It honestly wouldn’t be the same. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.



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