Chicago Eats: Casati and Molly’s

Hi globetrotters,

I got another great Chicago eatery for you. Credit goes to my friend, who would never let me take it, for finding Casati.

Casati is this medium upscale restaurant in Lincoln Park, amongst a row of cheap eateries. It has some lovely old chandeliers, the dining lights are dim and the waitresses have some Kelly green on.

So the setting is Irish, but the menu is Italian. Of course, you have your antipasti. We decided on burrata, the appetizer that trumps all appetizers. It was cool, creamy and crunchy. The 3Cs in food grade.

Then, I ordered the gnocchi for the gorgonzola cheese sauce. I love anything with a funk to it. The portions are great. I was perfectly satiated and my friend and I chatted for a bit.

Afterwards, we scoured for some dessert. First, we stopped by Firecakes, which is only two blocks north. They make their donuts every day, so by the time we got there, there were only two pistachio donuts left. We said, “thank u, next.”

A block north of Firecakes, we stopped by Colectivo, my favorite coffee shop of all time. We stepped in and guess what? They were 6 minutes away from closing.

So last try for the evening was Molly’s, a favorite for cupcakes. The place is very cute with its wooden swings, colorful decor and broken games. I got it’s new flavor, Strawberry Cream. Peach Cobbler remains my favorite.

He and I played a couple rounds of Connect 4. I won round after round. He was floored. (I’m kidding on that part).

Overall, it was a great day food adventures. I had my fair share of carbs, but my stomach doesnt mind.

Try out both these places and let me know what you think.



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