Chicago Eats: Summer House Santa Monica & Le Macaron French Pastries

Ciao globetrotters,

Ok, I think I am on a roll. I keep eating some great places in Chicago. No misses as of late.

My friend and I wanted to do what millennials do best, which is Sunday brunch. Dennis found this really cool place called Summer House Santa Monica, this beachhouse style restaurant. Only thing missing was the sand.

I got some freshly squeezed grapefruit and this rendition of pork tostada. It was so good. So we finished a little early and unfortunately, department stores don’t open until 11 AM.

Instead of sitting around without anything further, we decided to walk to a nearby French macaron shop. This very sweet looking French man was standing behind the counter offering some unique flavors.

I picked three (black currant, mango and capuccino) and sat near a small, simple table to pass by the time. I guess that is how a Parisian would do it, right? Dennis and I chatted a bit before we had to briskly run in the wind in order to catch the train for my makeup shopping spree.



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