Ponce City Market (Atlanta, Georgia)

Ciao globetrotters,

Disclaimer: I did not take any pictures of the place, because I wanted to keep it professional with my team

I have a new spot for you to check out, which I know I want to revisit.

I went here for a couple of days for work, but with the little time I had, I went with my coworkers to Ponce City Market.

At first, we all thought it was an open market with food stalls. Then, we read the description on Google and we were envisioning a standard shopping market.

However, we were so wrong. It is a hip, hop, hip hoppity hop hop place. The free parking is of course packed, but there is  public parking, which is empty, because you have to pay. It is $1 for every 30 minutes, and $10 for 4-6 hours.

When you step in, you will see that this place is huge. It used to be a Sears Roebuck distribution center. Atlanta converted it into a central location for locals. There are loads of people of all ages, but it isn’t overwhelming at all.

You will see rustic shops and a large variety of options for food. We walked around a bit in a Williams Sonoma, and then we sat down for burgers at H&F Burgers.

I was lame but sick of all the fatty food, so I went for a chop salad. It was worth it. I got a huge pile of salad with delicious toppings. My coworkers loved their bison burger, although the presentation looked a bit pitiful. This place was very popular though, so I would consider it for flavor.

Afterwards, we went to the sweet sections to admire the shiny pastries in the display and sample the unique gelato flavors. I landed on a great flavor at Honeysuckle Gelato. The salted caramel brownie was beautiful. You got the chewy front the brownie, the salt mixed with the sugar and the crunchy crystalized brownie bits.

We had to end our night there because all the shops close at 9 PM on Tuesday. However, warning that you might want to pay before 9 PM because the machines seem to malfunction around then.

We left with cones in hand and jumped into our rented minivan. It was a great place for our team to get to know each other and relax a bit.



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