Chicago Eats: Carnivale

Hi globetrotters,

The best part of about restaurants is you can sample something from another part of the world. I want to fly to Brazil one day, but until then, this place is a good alternative.

You get little dishes to fulfill your appetite in a dimly lit, colorful room. Wide ribbons hang loosely from the ceiling, creating a room full of grandeur.

My friend and I went there to enjoy the atmosphere. The food is good, but I do warn you to prepare your wallet. The meal is very pricey for small plates. I ordered an appetizer, salad, halved a dessert and drink. The total came out to about $55.

So when you reserve a table, your whole party has to be there to be seated. I got there a tiny bit early and ordered a caprihna at the bar. $15 down right there. It was a little strong for me, but it wasn’t bad. I think that I was more infatuated with the menu’s simplicty.

The actual food is small though. I ordered stuffed peppers, which was good. I was too hungry to snap a picture, but I got a picture of my friend’s appetizer. Plain ol’ guacamole.

Afterwards, I ordered the beet tartare, only because I was feeling super from the night before. I really liked that dish. It was sweet, creamy and crunchy- all vegetarian.

Then, lastly, we got a Cuban cugar dessert. We didnt want to miss out. Another great choice. The dessert was sitting in a box full of cigar smoke and I actually could taste it. I have no idea if that is good for my health, but YOLO.

I don’t think this is a place I would go regularly. I would save it for out-of-town visitors for the novelty of everything. Try it once though. The restaurant is more about the experience than anything else.



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