Chicago Eats: Cafecito

Hello globetrotters,

I love me a good Cuban sandwich. Something about the marinate, the crunchy bread and the colorful vegetables just makes my mouth water.

I don’t know many Chicago Cuban restaurants, but a tried and tested place is Cafecito. I know of 4 locations so far, and I have been to 3 out of the 4. All of them have been great.

Featured in the photo is the Borracha, or drunk in Spanish. It was really delicious. You have succulent shrimp in a hint of acidic marinate and a purple cabbage slaw. I could have gotten seconds. I also ordered caprese salad, but that is far from Cuban.

I figure since I am heading to Cuba this year, I will get my grubby hands on a stack of these beauties. The best part is that the sandwich is light, not too filling at all.

Go and get your fiesta on!



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