Chicago Eats: Wise Cup

Want to get wise-crackin’ cup of coffee? Come to this non-obstentatious cafe in the heart of Oak Park, right on Lake St.

Mr. Lumberjack and I met up a long time friend, after a year apart. We got there early and explored the menu. Wise Cup has some of the classic roasts, mochas and lattes. However, you will notice a hint of Indian influence in some of its other drinks.

Even around the shop, the decor has paintings of famous philosophers. But then, you will see a lot of elephant decor. It is very eclectic and not very cohesive. It works for the coffee place though.

I ordered a very big apricot pastry as well as a mango lassi. Both were really delicious, but the mango lassi exceeded my expectations. Mango lassi has of course, mangoes, and also yogurt. I can’t handle dairy too well, so I was a little worried about the drink being thick with yogurt.

Nope. It was almost liquid, but the flavor wasn’t watered down. I also loved the yellow color to the drink, which is natural from the mangoes. It really brightened up my day.

My friend came and we chatted a bit about our lives and the place picked up a hit around noon time. There aren’t too many seats, but just enough for its customer size.

Join the pool of customers and sit for a wise cup of coffee.



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