Where to Next? Havana Good Guess

Hi globetrotters,

It seems like this year has taken forever for trips. I still am on my quest to go to 40 countries by 40. This year I decided to head to the very colorful, historic and restless Havana, Cuba.

Why? I will tell you why. Out of fear that I would never get this opportunity to go again. Obama opened the doors to Cuba, and I didn’t want anything/anyone to take that away.

Therefore, I told Mr. Lumbetkack that we had to jump on this as soon as possible. The water was murky on how to legally enter the country. However, I think we have it figured out and are prepared for a really good time.

After a few Chicago food posts, I will share with you tips on how to enter the country, our itinerary, what we learned about the history/culture, Cuban food posts and favorite attractions.

Stay tuned, globetrotters.



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