Copa Airlines Review

Hi globetrotters,

For my trip to Cuba, I flew on a popular Latin American Airline, Copa. I didn’t know what to expect, because you don’t really hear much about it other than its name floating around.

Mr. Lumberjack and I got to our gate on time, and we sat around this small gate. The plane boarded on time. Howver, we got stopped at the gate, because we were heading to Cuba. We needed to fill out an affadavit and show our tourist card. I think they should have made an announcement prior to boarding, but oh well…

We get on and guess what? They serve us food on our short flight. The flught attendant was so nice and asked us if we wanted more drinks. The chicken sandwich was really good and those yucca chips are my favorite chips on any plane ride. I ate happily and fell asleep.

So everything literally went snoothly. We only jad an hour to connect in Panama, but the gates were so close to each other; There was no point in running.

I’d say everything went without a hitch.

On the way back though was another story.

We took off as planned. Nothing to note there other than I got another meal. This time I got the hamburger and it made my stomach hurt for the connecting flight. So next time, just get the chicken sandwich.

Then, when we reached Panama, we had to go through security at the gate. This isn’t a Copa policy, but I think it is a Panama policy; Any passenger flying to the U.S. must go through security at the gate. I mention this, because Copa’s hub is Panama, so you will run into this if you fly Copa often.

Not a lot of people knew this ahead of time, so they had to hurry and slurp their drinks. Then once you are inside the gate, you can’t pee out the drink you just drank without going theough security again. See the issue?

Also, there were a couple of angry passengers. They bought alcohol at the Panama airport that is larger than the FSA allowance. The security team would make you throw it out. Luckily for me, I didn’t buy any alcohol.

So after all the trouble, we boarded the plane on time again. However, we sat on the plane for over an hour. There wasn’t much update, but I assume the weather in Chicago had something to do with it. It honestly was just an inconvenience, and for me, I am always happy to be safe than sorry. I didn’t mind too much other than my butt was getting uncomfortable.

In the end, I got home safely and I think the service was wondeful. I wouldn’t mind flying with them to be honest.

How was your experience with Copa Airlines?



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