Strawberry Vintage Car Tours

Hi globetrotters,

To help non-government businesses, we booked a couple of tours on our trip. The first thing we looked for is a vintage car tour. To me, vintage cars and Cuba go hand-in-hand.

For me, signing up for a vintage car ride is not worth it. Because vintage cars are literally everywhere, and you can call a taxi and you will likely get a vintage car.

However, what this tour will bring you is a tour of the city, not just Old Havana but Central Havana. We met in front of a restaurant and then Gerard (a tour manager) and Pepe (driver) met up with us.

We shared the car with another pair. Gerard saw we all spoke English and asked if we wanted him to join the ride, because Pepe doesn’t speak Enlgish. He said that he had nothing to do after this ride.We said yes, and it was well worth it.

Pepe drove us to really far places like the army academy, the fortresses and the Revolution Plaza. It would have been quite the walk for us to get there.

As we were driving around, I personally had a great history lesson and learned about the Cuba-U.S. relationship. It is really sad to learn the current situation.

Afterwards, we looped back to where we started. I think the drive is nice, and I would say it is very high level. But I dont think it was the most memorable tour I will ever have. I think it was because it is more a sightseeing tour, not experience.

If you are into these type of tours, please give it a try. There is barely any walking involved, so good for the elderly and children.

To try this tour out, click here.



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