Cuban Eats: Antojos

Hi Globetrotters,

I have one Cuban restaurant recommendation for you. Yes, only one. Cuban food is really good, but I would say the food isn’t fresh at most restaurants. The country is running out of resources and is poor, so they have to save what they can.

However, Antojos, I could not figure out. The food we had was fresh. I don’t know if we just got lucky and they happened to go grocery shopping that day. Who knows? But the food was so good.

Our photographer, Osmany, took us there because they had the Havana sign on the wall. He also said Antojos was less touristy and had good, real mojitos. Of course, we trysted Osmany, a local.

Osmany’s tastebuds are on point. I got a kebab and the lamb was succulent and charred on the outside. I had some thinly sliced yucca chips and some sauted vegetables. I was a happy camper.

Also, this place is in the northeastern part of Old Havana, away from the tourist streets. I loved how quiet it was; this truly was a local favorite.

If you are going eat anywhere, come here for three things:

  1. Fresh food
  2. Colorful decor
  3. Delicious mojitos



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