Mexico City, Mexico- Expectations

Hi globetrotters,

Well, my flight to Mexico isn’t going as planned (can’t even get into the details). However, I am trying very hard to find some posivity in all this. I am going to blog while I wait for my flight.

I am going to Mexico City for the first time for a business trip. I have only been to Mexico once (Puerto Vallarta), it was very touristy. Now, I feel like I am experiencing the real hustle and bustle of Mexico. Or better yet WILL experience it if I ever get there.

Before I went to the airport, I received a lot of warnings from loved ones. Mr. Lumberjack is Mexican, so he watches a lot of Mexican news and he is scared for me. I think sometimes ignorance is bliss; His fear is turning into my fear.

I felt very lucky to be on the same flight as my boss. But since I missed my flight, I won’t have her as my safety net anymore.

Right now, my expectations are lots of culture. However, there is a lot of petty crime, so of course, I have to be extra careful. Also, there are a lot of food stands for me to sample. I brought the Immodium just in case.

I am sure that I will be fine. Just have to keep my wits about me. Cross your fingers for me, please.



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