Falling in Love, Again (Mexico City, Mexico)

Hi Globetrotters,

I just completed my first work trip to Mexico City. I didn’t know exacyly what to expect, because Mr. Lumberjack pretty much scared me with his stories on kidnappings and robbery.

However, I didn’t really need to put in any dabger, because I was there to work. So I was with my Mexico coworkers all three days. So what do I think?

I think that I am falling in love with another city again. I just felt so connected to my coworkers, and I really felt the hospitality. VIP treatment. My coworkers knew I wanted to try taco de canasta (basket tacos), so they made sure I got some.

The third day, they asked me what I wanted for lunch and I got flautas. I went to a fancy restaurant called Sylvestre. My coworkers again let me pick what I wanted. They took me to the candy store, so I can bring back souvenirs.

Lastly, they organized a get-together the day before I left to socialize. I had a great time building that relationship with them. I am so grateful for the people who stayed out late with me yesterday.

And Pedro, our personal driver. I missed my plane and he had to circle back a second time to the airport at 4 AM. Because it was just me and him in the car, we chatted away and he learned that I am looking for the “slap candy”. I forgot the Spanish name.

So the night before, he bought me a heavy, heavy bag full of them. So thankful for his kindness. He literally drove us to and from places. Yes, we did pay him bit still the extra gesture was great.

Besides the people, I didn’t get to see any landmarks downtown. The schedule was just too tight. However, I didn’t mind, because I am happy for my new friends’ company.



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