Chicago Tour (Bachelorette Party Edition)

Hi globetrotters,

My sister’s wedding is around the corner, and for her Bachelorette, I selected a couple of nice things for us to do. My sister also picked some places as must-do, so take a look below if you want a genuine Chicago experience.

  • Cubs Game

What says Chicago more than sports. We have so many to choose from. My sister and her fiancé are basball lovers, so we are going to see my man, Javier Baez, play. Find cheap tickets and then head over to Wrigleyville to enjoy some hotdogs, in a stadium.

  • Nail Salon

You can go to any nails salon to be honest, just check the ratings. You will notice that this is a favorite pasttine of the chicas in the north neighborhoods. We want our nails to look polished in those open-toed shoes, so duh, we are getting them done.

  • Summer House Santa Monica

I hvae been to thks place many times for brunch. It has an open air vibe, amd it is decorated just like places in California. We went here for dinner and it was just as good as breakfast. I abosolutely love the cookie and ice cream dessert.

  • My Apartment

We made a tiny pit stop at my place to tke a breather and get to know Betty better. One of our bridesmaids provided the questions and my sister got most of them right. I think they discussed the answers ahead of time. 😉

  • Untitled

I love this place. It is new and fresh, but has some speakeasy vibes. I have been here before, because my friend had a small engagement get-together. At that time, there was a burlesque show, so basically a lot of topless action.

That is the tour, so when you are in town, feel free to use this as a guide to Chicago life. This is what people mean when they say “Chicago has a little bit of everything.”



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