Betty’s and Tom’s Wedding

Hi all,

I have been not hitting the restaurant scene lately, because a) I need to save money, b) my sister got married and c) I will be married soon. So as you can see, I have been busy and locked and loaded to be a homebody for probably the rest of the year.

For my sister’s wedding, I didn’t have to do too much in advance. It was more like weekend of that I had maid of honor duties. That was pretty simple enough.

So on Day 1, it was bachelorette for half the day. I finished work and pretty much had to hurry to look presentable to a Cubs game. No pajamas allowed if you don’t want to look like a bum. Afterwards, we did some things I planned, which was a little bit of a struggle since I sleep around 8 P. See details here.

Can you tell I am the life of the party?

Next day was rehearsals and lunch. I have to say that I like doing all 2 things… pose and eat, so I was in my happy zone. I must also add the Chicago venue is so beautiful (see below).

Afterwards, it was Betty’s and Tom’s big day. Ooo so precious! Ok here are some photos of the night:



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