Chicago Tour (Foreign Tourist Edition)

Hi globetrotters,

For my sister’s wedding, a couple of my family members flew into town. Actually, 90% of them flew in because we only have one relative that lives in Illinois.

This includes two of my cousins, who have never been outside of Vietnam before. My mom said she doesn’t know if they would get another opportunity, because travelling is so expensive for them, so I was the designated tour guide.

Of course, I want to show them the awesome landmarks, but I want to DO things. I personally find only sightseeing is boring. So here is the line up for them, which is applicable to any foreign tourist.

  • Northwestern University

See one of the best universities in the country. Full of old charm, you feel like you are in a secluded town. I say skip this if you don’t like univeristy, bu this was a personal request from my uncle-in-law (a professor).

  • Chicago Hot Dogs

Eat a classic street food. Just remember to skip the ketchup, grab the sports peppers and shake on the celery salt. Chicagoans know how to do it right.

  • Lincoln Park Zoo

I happen to live near the zoo, so we took them there. They love animals, so might as well. It is free and there are a lot of unique animals there.

  • Cubs Game

Nothing is more Americano than America’s favorite pastime, baseball. It is their first arena game, so of course, took them to a nearby Jeni’s (ice cream shop) and a baseball store for some souveniors. We even got on the jumbotron!

  • House of Magaritas

Chicago is a huge melting pot, so beforeI drove them home, I asked what they wanted to eat. They came up with Mexican food, which there are plenty restaurants where I live.

  • Chicago Skyline

To get the classic Chicago Skyline pictue, we headed to museum campus. Mr. Lumberjack and I wanted them to leave with something memorable. We took a couple of pictures before heading home.

With all those activities, you will pooped out at the end of the day. However, I find you will also have the best memories coming here. Leave any questions in the comments.



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