Chicago Eats: Taiyaki Chicago

Hello globetrotters,

One thing I love about Chicago is it’s diversity. You can find some many types of foods here. One day I had this huge hankering for something sweet, but I didnt want a fried donut.

So I did the typical Google search and found a cute little shop near me called Taiyaki Chicago. What really got me were the cute fish pictures (see below). I have seen so many on Instagram. In New York. When I actually wass in New York, I missed the chance to go to Korea town.

So off we went.

They make it fresh, so I had wait 10 minutes after I ordered. While I was there, this out-of-towner wanted a smoothie. He must have been a health buff, because he was asking about the freshness of the strawberries, the sugar content, etc. His smoothie looked so good. I ended up getting it the second time I was there.

When my ice cream finally came out, it was beautiful. The fish had a crunchy exterior and a gooey interior. The ice cream wasn’t your typical McDonald’s soft serve too. It seemed more water based, healthier in my opinion.

We walked back home with ice cream in hand. Pretty soon, we had a melty mess on our hands. However, it was so worth it. Mr. Lumberjack even thought the dough was fried. It isn’t by the way. It is made in a waffle iron.

This is definitely a winner. I don’t feel digusting afterwards; I feel super happy and so does my belly.

Come here. Just be aware that the sign is blocked by a tree. It is next to the bike shop.



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