Chicago Eats: Machine: Engineered Dining and Drink

Hi globetrotters,

Nope…I didn’t get to smash the candied dome on my drink, but I had one of the best tasting and best looking breakfast ever.

My friend invited Mr. Lumberjack and I for brunch, because that’s his tuing. He can’t live without it. He found this really cool place in Wicker Park. Since I love to eat, and keep my eye out for potential homes, I was of course game.

So this place had sort of a weird setting. It was part flower haven, demonic check-in bar and old-style bank vault. It was like three separate things that just coexisted. I liked it.

I scanned their menu, and it was very calculated. There were like eggs cooked at 67 degrees, purified water drinks, etc…like I said demonic themed. So I ordered these pancales with creme and berries. So frickin’ good.

My friend got a vegetarian french toast and Mr. Lumberjack got a Mexican twist skillet. Mr. Critic actually loved it, so it had to be good. Drinks were delish too.

These pics does the place justice (patting myself on the back for getting all the right angles). Look how mouthwatering these pics are. You have to give this place a try, no question about it.



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