Peru Itinerary Planning Process

Hi globetrotters,

As you know by now, I went on a trip with my mom to Peru. I am a planner, not a wing-it type girl, so I needed to book all flights and accomodations before my trip.

My mom and I only had 10 days to spend in Peru, but I think if you want to know all of Peru you need at least two weeks and a half. You have Cusco and Machu Picchu, but there is so much more to see like Lake Titicaca and the National Park in the north.

But you know…you have to deal with reality and your limited time.

One thing you will notice is a lot of Peru’s attractions are far apart. You can either waste time taking a cheap bus, or you can pay more and quickly fly to the destination.

During the planning process, I decided I would sacrifice a little more money to experience more things.

Secondly, Cusco is super elevated. If you are not from an elevated city, you could experience altitude sickness. I knew in advance and allotted some time to get acquainted with the altitude.

Lastly, I have a goal of seeing 40 countries before I turn 40 years old. However, most people who want to vist X number of countries only care about the number instead of appreciation of the country.

I personally did not want to cram in a bunch of attractions just to say I went there. I wanted to enjoy the country for what it is and live a little like the locals. To me, that is the essence of travelling.

So I picked two must-see places and basically filled the rest of the day with attractions along the way. I booked all fights and hotel in chronological order to make sure I had a place to stay each day.

I also made sure to choose accomodations near the attraction. There is no point in choosing a cheap hotel on the outskirts of town, only to spend the difference on transportation.

Lastly, if the places offer to organize the taxis or had shuttles, I asked about those services. Sometimes it is cheaper; other times, it is the same price. I mainly care about having a way to get from Point A to Point B, so I peferred having a guaranteed ride.

Next week, I will share my exact itinerary, which you could use if you find it useful.



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