Peru 9-Day Itinerary

Hi Globetrotters,

As promised from last week’s post, I’m going to share my itinerary with you. There were some lags and delays to the plan, because of some fighting and illnesses. But sometimes, those days aren’t full wastes. Anyways, here is the run down:

Day 1

The flight took pretty much all day, so we headed to a small hotel outside of the airport.

Day 2

We flew out to Cusco in the morning, and our Airbnb host was kind enough to let us check-in early. We went and explored the Plaza de Armas, did some souvenir shopping and took some photos with llamas.

My mom was feeling ill due to altitude sickness, so we headed back to rest. Then, later that night we went to the San Blas district to see the tourist hotels and buildings.

Day 3

We spent our entire day on a tour. It drove us around to some ruins like Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Awana Kancha. We also went to some vistas and a really nice restaurant. Then, the tour dropped us off at Cusco.

Day 4

We took a taxi to Poroy Station and took the Peru Rail to Agua Calientes. We spent the night there, walking around the square and buying some fruit.

Day 5

We checked out of the hotel, but we had a lot of time to spare before heading to Manchu Picchu. We spent about a hour half looking around Manchu Picchu. I’ll share my feelings on it next week. We then spent some time wandering before taking Peru Rail back to Cusco.

Day 6

My mother and I spent the morning fighting, which was not part of the plan. That took a grand part of the day. We then went to San Pedro market, bought some food and then later that day stopped into a French cafe because our Airbnb internet was down.

Day 7

We took a flight to Lima. After some rest, we grabbed some Chifa (Chinese and Peru fusion food). We then traveled to the Plaza de Armas. At this point my stomach and back is killing me. Oh… I can’t wait for what was about to come.

Day 8

We went to the Miraflores neighborhood, which is a nice affluent neighborhood near the ocean. We walked about 5.5 miles here, visiting every park and market possible. I like to wander sometimes. Later in Lima, we walked some more to the Plaza de Armas for dinner. I got sick at night.

Day 9

I’m dead. I knew I was flying out the next day, so I spent the entire day trying to recoup. I would hate to have problems while stuck on the plane. It was serious R&R day. I headed to the airport in the evening, since we had an AM flight.

Day 10

The entire morning was all flying. I had the evening to rest before work tomorrow.

Overall, I feel the timing of the trip was just enough. We had time to explore the cities as well as understand a little of the culture. One of the things I would have done differently was go directly from the tour to Agua Calientes instead of head back to Cusco. It would have save us an extra day.



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