Manchu Picchu- New Wonder of the World

Hi Globetrotters,

I have seen so many glorious photos of Manchu Picchu. I hear about its remote location and beautiful scenery. Peru has always been on my bucket list, because of Manchu Picchu.

Of course, I had to make a stop there.

When I got to Manchu Picchu, I was actually overwhelmed with the people and underwhelmed with the scenery. Yup, that is the honest truth.

First off, getting there seemed like a lot more work than it is worth. You travel 3.5 hours to Aguas Calientes, buy a bus ticket and then take a 20 min ride to Manchu Picchu. You can’t just hop on any bus though; It has to be the one 30 minutes prior to your scheduled entry.

When you get off the bus, it is crowded with a lot of slow pedestrians. Also, there are so many guides that I think are just too much. They want you to buy their services to walk around with you. I told them that I was OK, but they kept coming and asking me to buy a tour guide. They were like “Why not? You won’t know where you are going?”

The place is heavily marked with signs. I was completely fine. When we entered, I saw the iconic ruin and snapped a picture. However, that is all I saw that stuck out to me.

I actually liked Pisac more than Manchu Picchu. Pisac is bigger than Manchu Picchu, and it is a lot higher in elevation. You can see more terraces and you get so many different viewpoints. It is very beautiful.

Manchu Picchu is an acclaimed wonder, but it is all subjective. If you go to Peru, definitely visit it to have the experience. However, I will not be marking this down as best tourist destination. Comment below your thoughts on the ancient Incan ruin.



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