5 Lima Must Sees

Hi Globetrotters,

Last post on the Peru series. We explored Lima for about 1.5 days before I got Traveler’s diarrhea (gross but a true part of travelling). So I had an extra day to explore, but I spent that recouping before my 10-hour flight. My mom, who had a difficult time physically adjusting to Cusco, loved Lima.

Here are the things we managed to cover in two days:

1. Park of Love

First stop, is this park dedicated to love. You get great coastal views, little character pieces like the locks on the fences and giant statues making out. Ooo yum. Seriously though, this park is really well developed and we saw a lot of locals jogging around the area.

2. Indian Market

We went here just to look. Honestly, they sold the same things as Cusco shops, but they were pricier. We went just to look since we were curious and it is always cool to see the colorful garments again.

3. More Parks in Miraflores

This neighborhood is loaded with parks. My mom and I walked a total of 5 miles that morning, and I think we must have visited 5 different parks. It is so easy to navigate around here and it is super peaceful, clean and family-oriented.

4. Chinatown

My mom was really into this whole Chifa thing, so we had to go and grab some Chinese-Peruvian food. We got fried rice, which I think was all or majority Chinese. I didn’t see any Peruvian influence whatsoever. However, the food was good and the area was nice.

5. Plaza de Armas

I love a good city square. It is spacious, lively and beautiful. Usually, you find some historic buildings, so it stands out in a modern city. My mom and I stopped here twice. We really enjoyed the food options too ;).

We spent the majority of our time in Miraflores. We loved it so much; It reminded my mom of refugee days when she saw the ocean, and it reminded me of a secluded Chicago neighborhood. Downtown Lima isn’t bad either; It was congested with people and cars, but isn’t that most downtown centers?

Comment below where you would like to go in Lima.