Happy Anniversary, Love

Hi Globetrotters,

It’s the time of year where Mr. Lumberjack and I celebrate the big 5: Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, our anniversary and his birthday. Sometimes we enjoy each one separately, and other times we lump them all together and call it a day.

This year, we celebrated each day separately. For our anniversary, Mr. Lumberjack and I chose Barrio, which he has been dying to try for some time now. I won’t say too much here, because I’ll write a review on Barrio later. However, I will say that it was everything he had imagined.

I can’t believe that we have enjoyed 6 anniversaries. This will be our last one before our marriage, when the counter for people’s anniversaries seem to restart at 0 years. When people will ask me, “How long have you been together?” I’ll tell them from the first day we dated.

Sometimes people take a long time to marry (or not marry at all), and I shouldn’t disregard all that history when telling people about my relationship. Within that 6 years, Mr. Lumberjack and I have gotten to know each other very well. We get on each other’s nerves, we are there for each other and we know what the other will say.

We are in tune with each other.

I’m very fortunate to have Mr. Lumberjack. He’s humble and he’s a family-man. He gives me a sense of pure loyalty. Before, I never thought of having a family, let alone get hitched, but he brings that into the forefront of my mind. He is going to be a great husband and father. Together, we will raise amazing children that will have a grand impact on the world.

He also encourages me to do what I want in life. When I feel obligated to do something or to be nice, he tells me to forget about others and listen to my “internal voice” (just saw Toy Story 4). It’s made life a lot easier to get rid of the B.S. and those that take advantage of my time, money and feelings. As I’ve been with him, it becomes easier to pick and choose good friends.

Mr. Lumberjack brought- and still brings- a new reality in my life. My life feels simpler, freeing and authentic. He always tells me he’s a simple man; I can’t tell, though, if he’s saying it disappointingly or proudly. However, I want a simple man, a man with no cloud hanging over his head. Nothing will block the sunshine that he brings to our relationship.



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