What to Pack to Singapore

Hi Globetrotters,

For a such a tiny country, Singapore packs a punch in the Asian region. It’s a major hub for commerce; many vessels and flights pass through here. As a result, Singapore is one of the wealthiest country in Asia and its currency rivals that of the Euro.

This country gives me exactly what I’m looking for- culture shock. I love novelty, overwhelming feelings and experiences. Singapore will give you that. While this place is a hub for commerce, it’s also a hub for cultures. You will get a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Islamic influence throughout the country.

So it’s important to respectfully dress for those cultures as well as the humidity. Yes, Singapore is 1 degree north of the equator. It’s also surrounded by water. When you combine water with heat, you get one sticky situation. Therefore, I packed clothing that are light and also conservative (my natural style anyways).


Here’s the rundown of my outfits:

1. 3 Pairs of Workout/ Traveling Clothes

I like to travel in comfortable clothes. I understand its an unsightly look to locals to see foreigners dress so lax. However, for me, my legs will be swollen from the 22-hour flight, I’m not looking to experience a wedgie during the flight too. I also might work out if there is a gym available.

2. Bikini with a Cover Up

I’m going to stop by Sentosa Island, which is a tourist and local favorite. When laying on the beach, you definitely need some sort of swimwear. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. My cover up serves a dual purpose, because I can use it to cover my shoulders when I go to religious sites.

3. 3 Dresses

Dresses are the best saviors in humid areas. I’m sure you can guess why. Nothing feels better than a breeze cooler off your sweaty thunder thighs. One of my dresses is backless, which is great for areas like Clarke Quay. The other two cover my shoulders for a more conservative look.

4. Pair of Jeans and Tank Top

I don’t own too many pairs of jeans, because I honestly don’t like them. They are uncomfortable and I rather be in yoga pants or naked all day. However, to show a little bit of “class” and effort, I brought a pair and top for an easy going-out look.

5. Shorts and 2 Casual Shirts

I only own one pair of casual shorts. They are very loose on me, but you need some. Because if you are like me, you don’t sit like a lady half the time. I paired that with two shirts, because I figured if needed, I can wear the same shorts twice. No one will notice, including my nose.

6. 1 Crew Sweater

I always bring this light blue Nike sweater that Mr. Lumberjack bought me one Christmas. I love the bright color, but most importantly, that it keeps me warm on the plane. I’m very lucky that I can quickly fall asleep on a plane, but I have to be warm.

7. Pajamas

Of course, you will want a pair of clean pajamas. After a long day of walking, who would want to shower and get back into your sticky clothes?

Also, don’t forget an umbrella. You will need that for the torrential rains.

Alright, you guys, these are all the clothes I brought on the trip. I booked an Airbnb in Singapore that offers laundry service. Depending on how fast I go through the clothes, I might utilize this service to make my clothes last throughout the rest of my trip.

Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments below.



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