Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Hi Globetrotters,

Singapore was amazing as you may already know my sentiments on it. One of the most famous things about Singapore is the man-made, futuristic trees. While I was there, I knew I had to visit it and see it for myself. Because of that, I bought ~S$48 tickets (rip off) at the airport, even though that wasn’t my initial intentions.

Initially, I went to buy the 3-day tourist’s pass (financially, another rip off). However, the man at the counter suggested I get the garden package, which comes with 4 attractions and a shuttle. It sounded like an amazing deal, but later you will see why I wouldn’t purchase at the airport again.

When I got to the garden, I presented my tickets to the personnel. I couldn’t get into the Garden without purchasing a S$10 admission ticket. I was already there and bought the attraction ticket, so I bought the admission ticket. Once I got in, I looped around the Garden by the Bay trees, and it was well-decorated with Christmas lights and “lodge” huts.

I thought they did a great job of implementing a Christmas theme throughout the entire park, especially since I was in Singapore, where it is very humid. So I go to the Skywalk (S$5 if you didn’t buy the package) booth to get an assigned time. Then, I stood in line.

I waited…and waited…and waited.

The previous group straggled on the Skywalk, and it had to be all cleared before the next group can go up. Then, a gray cloud encroached over the trees. Because the park didn’t want its patrons to be struck by lightening, we stood in line hoping the ominous clouds would pass. I waited an hour, before I stepped out of line.

After all, I did pay for the other attractions. I didn’t feel like walking and I also pre-paid for the shuttle, so I went looking for it. I asked the information desk, “Where is the shuttle pickup?” She told me there wasn’t a pick-up near me, and where I wanted to go (Cloud Forest), it made more sense to walk. I would take a direct route by walking, whereas I would be going out of my way to hop on the shuttle and then ride the perimeter to get to the Forest.

So yup, I never used the Shuttle (S$3 if you didn’t buy the package).

Flower Dome, another attraction at Gardens by the Bay, was right next to Cloud Forest. I easily got into both (S$28 if you didn’t buy the package). Both were beautiful and both were air conditioned. Also, it was hard to remember you were in Singapore with all of the Christmas decorations. I felt like the gardens were well done that you felt removed from the city-state.

Afterwards, I went looking for Floral Fantasy, the fourth attraction in the package. As I followed the sign, it become unclear where the garden was. I ask the employees and they didn’t know where it was. One employee pointed me in the opposite direction towards the trees, which by the way, no one was still allowed up the Skywalk.

Tired from running in circles, I exit the park and head towards the MRT. Then, I see a sign pointing to turn left for the Floral Fantasy garden (S$20 if you didn’t buy the package). I reach the gate and the last admission was 8:00P. It was 8:10P when I got there. I was pretty disappointed, especially since I would have loved that conservatory the most.

It was unfortunate, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I continued on my way to the train station. Regardless, I still enjoyed my time at the Gardens by the Bay, and I came with the intention of seeing the cool trees. I did just that. I recommend you go in the early afternoon, around 5:00P. There are a lot of things to see and do. Also, it will give you ample time to see the light show.

Financially, do not purchase the package at the airport. Time and weather play a role in admission. It’s better to purchase as you go. I purchased the package for about S$48. Below is the breakdown for the individual conservatories:

Skywalk S$5
Cloud Forest S$14
Flower Dome S$14
Floral Fantasy S$20
Shuttle S$3

You only saved S$8, and as a tourist, there’s no guarantee you can attend all of them. I missed out on three of the listed benefits (S$28). However, if you want to get it because you don’t want to wait in line, I would still not get it. There was barely a line into the conservatory. You won’t have to wait long.

I hope this gives you a good overview of the attraction. It is as beautiful as it seems and worth the visit.




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