Chicago Eats: Cira

HI Globetrotters,

Mr. Lumberjack and I are always down to try new restaurants, and we found a really good one. Cira, right underneath Cabra, is an American-Middle Eastern restaurant, suited for loungers and brunchers. Mr. Lumberjack drove around in search of this place, because once again (Cabra), Google pointed us south when we should be heading north.

After finding a decent parking spot and then scrapping the Google Maps directions, we reached our destination. We got there pretty early, so it was empty. However, no worries, it’s great for photos. Take a look at the clean, leathery 70’s furniture:

I would love if my home looked like this. I’ll use it for inspiration for my condo. Anyways, Mr. Lumberjack ordered a breakfast sandwich and coffee, while I opted for a goat cheese and za’atar bread.

The bread was “small”, according to the waitress, but I though it was the right size. It’s all relative, but the bread is a normal portion in my opinion. Mr. Lumberjack’s meal was huge due to the potatoes. He said the sandwich was filling but light, which held him throughout our long Saturday.

The potatoes were B.O.M.B. The potatoes had the crusty exterior will spices and a fluffy interior. With their homemade ketchup, you can eat a tub of those. I would come back here just for a side of potatoes. It’s that worth it. Take a look at the tasty photos, including Mr. Lumberjack (jaja):

I frequent the West Loop neighborhood, so I’m positive that I’ll return for brunch. The brunch menu is a good size, and there were some other options that sounded mouth-watering. Next time, I look forward to the Turkish breakfast and the Yogurt Parfait, both light and healthy selections.

Give it a try and comment if you tried anything else on the menu.



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