Chicago Eats: Monteverde

Hi Globetrotters,

My friend and I have been waiting for this day. Dennis received a generous Christmas gift card and I’m grateful he chose to share it with me. We’ve tried multiple times to reserve a spot, but this place is always packed. It’s so hard to place a reservation for dinner.

We finally gave up and settled for lunch, assuming the menus would be very similar with the dinner menu. When we arrived, it was packed with people, and I can see why. The place is very warm, casual and quality.

The first thing I ordered was chicken liver toast, because I love liver. I enjoyed that one all on my own, since he’s a vegetarian. Then we shared burrata and toast (sin Ham), which is another favorite of mine. I managed to take a picture of that, because every thing else was eaten before I remembered to take a photo.

Monteverde Chicago

For our entree, we got some creamy, a bit salty, Cacio Whey Pepe and Gnoccetti con Pesto. I am not really a fan of gnocci, so I only had a little. At this point, I was stuffed from all the bread and could have easily called it a day.

BUT, I used the birthday card since it was only a week after it, and I got complimentary funfetti cake. It was so good but still stuffed. Dennis has the biggest sweet tooth, so he of course had to order more dessert.

Monteverde Chicago

He got the Chocolate Dipped Forgotten Cookie, which is a meringue cookie. I don’t like meringue cookies, so I didn’t have fomo there. The second item was Butterscotch Budino. I scooted over the food swimming in my stomach to sample. I couldn’t stomach anymore.

Dennis and I passed the Budino back and forth, because it’s small and not cheap ($12). We didn’t want the tasty dessert to go to waste. However, I could not go further. Have you ever eaten so much that you can’t imagine standing up? That was me.

I ordered the emperor hibiscus oolong tea, because I desperately needed hot water to deflate my stomach. By the end of it all, I felt somewhat mobile again, so we paid our patient waiter and headed to the nearest makeup store.

For anyone interested, please place a reservation weeks in advance. I don’t hear too much noise about this place, but I can see it’s very popular with the West Loop neighborhood. It’s not uptight at all, so you can come hear in casual attire and for any occasion.



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