Consuming Time: Code Name Game

Hi Globetrotters,

We’re Globetrotters at heart having been doing so lately. I’ve been stuck at home 99% of the time. However, there are plenty of ways to stay connected. One of my favorite ways is to play Code Name through a Group Chat.

Before I begin, let me give credit to my friend, Dennis. He won’t let it down if I don’t. He’s the one that told me about it and I’ve been spreading the word ever since. Here’s how you can play Code Name with your friends and family:


  1. One team member goes to
  2. Choose one unique referral word like “YummyChips.” Hit the “Go” button.
  3. There will be a specific link on the top for just your group, so copy it and send it to everyone else.


Two teams: Blue and Red

Each team chooses a Spymaster aka clue giver.

Designate one person to click on the board ( for words and “End Turn” on top right of board) for both teams. This person cannot be a Spymaster, since he will share his screen in chat.

There’s a 5×5 board with words on each square.

9 of the 25 squares belong to the red team, another 9 of the 25 squares belong to the blue team. There is 1 black square and the remaining 6 squares are neutral.

Objective: Spymasters need to get his/her team to guess all 9 of its colored words before the other team guesses its colored words.


  1. Only the Spymasters know which word belongs to which team.
    1. There is a view on the board for only Spymasters (bottom right of the board).
  2. He/She will provide a one word clue (can’t be the actual word) and tell their team how many squares to pick.
    1. If the team selects the other team’s word, then it accidentally helps the other team.
    2. If the team selects its color, then great! It is closer to getting its 9 cards.
    3. If the team selects the neutral, nothing happens. It just wastes a guess.
    4. If the team selects a black one, it automatically loses.
  3. Once the Spymaster gives the clue and # of squares to pick, he/she may not say anything else to help the team.


  1. The Spymaster has to be creative with their clue, and also where his team is able to understand the clue.
    1. He/She doesn’t want to provide a clue that leads their team to pick the other team’s word or the black square.
  2. It depends on the Spymaster’s strategy:
    1. If he wants an aggressive approach, he will provide a clue that could apply to X number of squares.
    2. If he wants a steady approach, he may provide a clue that only applies to one square.
  3. Team members message each other on the side, if wanted.
    1. If one team hears the other team’s clue and know what word it is, then members can message each other to NOT guess that word.
    2. This way you don’t help the other team to guess its word.



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