Our Transition Apartment

Hello Globetrotters,

I’ve seen so many memes on quarantine traveling, which makes me laugh. But hey! It isn’t so bad. Things could be a lot worse. With all the homebody free time, I’m going to soak it all up and check off some to-do items.

One of my goals for 2020 is to find a new condo. It has been hard. We’ve already placed three bids but lost to other buyers (one unfairly). Then, the pandemic hit and the stay-at-home order limited the housing supply. Our agent told us that families couldn’t put their home on the market if it is their primary residence.

It totally makes sense, because who wants potential buyers that may or may not have the virus walking into their home? Sellers retreated their listings, and prices remain steady. Therefore, we don’t have many options from which to choose.

We ended up missing our timeline, and we were stuck. We needed a short-term lease to increase our selection pool and negotiation power. Unfortunately, our sucky leaser was inflexible and said they don’t offer short-term leases…until the pandemic hit and then miraculously they did.

Even though the leaser was full of it, we would have continued with them because we hate moving. However, we already signed a lease with an apartment on the same block. We downgraded from a one-bedroom to a studio. You’d think that we’re cramped, which it is, but nothing drastically different from the last apartment.

I absolutely love the transition apartment! We got rid of a bunch of things and the building is new. I hate hoarding. If you’re not going to use it, then A) donate, B) recycle or C) throw it away. Also, I like the way our apartment is set up. My biggest fear was the bathroom would be near the bed, but the apartment layout tucks the bathroom into a tiny hall.

In our last apartment, we suffered from boiling hot water. When we showered, you would hear a screech in the shower head. That was the cue to step to the side within the next 5 seconds, or else your skin would burn raw. That among other old features tarnished our apartment experience.

The only two things I hate are being close to the alley and the kitchen smells. We downgraded not only by space but by floor. We are a lot lower to the ground, and people walking through the alley can peer into our window. I get paranoid with that and my dog is constantly triggered with the foreign noises.

With the kitchen, my favorite activity- cooking- has literally been halted. I cook some smelly, oily things sometimes. I like to stirfry, griddle beef and bake fish. However, I have a sensitive nose. The thought of smells lingering on my fabrics makes me want to shower right now. Those smells weigh you down and makes me feel like I have a layer of grease on my face.

To combat this, I’ve traded real meals with a simple staple. Cook up jasmine rice, buy pre-made kimchi and boil a carton of eggs. There is always some available in the fridge. We only bake or toast. If we want something smelly, we order on Grubhub, which benefits the small businesses during the pandemic. Win-Win.

This transition apartment, though, is 10 times better than the last one. I hope we find a place soon, because I might become too comfortable. I love downsizing.



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