Things to Do in Querétaro (MX)

Hola Globetrotters,

I took a week trip to Mexico for a work summit. I prepped myself in advance, because I knew about the long days. When I’m tired…I’m tired. I become quiet, stuck in my thoughts and pretty much anti-social. I made sure to come to this summit with participation and intention to network.

It’s the weekend, and I have not recovered. Haha.

The organizers did a great job. They booked an hacienda for us, so we couldn’t stray off with our close-knit friends. There was nothing near us- no convenient store, no food stands, nada. However, the first thing I recommend you do in Queretaro is stay at Hacienda Jurica.

An hacienda is a compound. Back in the day, generational families would stick together in one compound. These compounds had a lot of rooms, dining halls, salons, etc. Hacienda Jurica was converted into a hotel, but you still get the same homey vibe. It is very secluded from downtown Queretaro, but it’s what most people need sometimes. You will get the best R&R.

One night, the organizers, booked a bus for us to go downtown. We walked around the colonial city. You will see plenty of fountains and statues, as well as many little shops. Also, we stopped by a plaza to relax before our dinner at 1810. The town is very safe and family-friendly. I recommend wandering around here to get some liveliness in Queretaro.


On the last day, our manager was kind enough to let us stay an extra day. She wanted us to hang out together as just the Chicago team. They booked a van for us to go to Pena de Bernal. Pena de Bernal is the third largest monolith in the world. This was my favorite day on the whole trip. We went to the plaza, hiked a little up the monolith, got homemade ice cream and got some street elotes.

I’ll got into detail about the summit in another post, but that last day, I felt really close to my Chicago team, especially my manager and my director. I saw some of their true character and I felt a fealty to them. A good manager can make a break your work experience. I know how lucky I am to have great managers.



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