Travel Within CDC Guidelines

Hello Globetrotters,

These are certainly unprecedented times. With states/businesses opening up their doors again, it’s nice to see my city come back to life again. On the other hand, I don’t think COVID-19 is an over-reaction, so I’m very cautious to dine at restaurants.

On our recent trip to the Smoky Mountains, we had a lot of fun plans but also followed CDC guidelines. Mr. Lumberjack and I are aware that we could become asymptomatic carriers, and we didn’t want to put our families at risk.

I brought a lot of food to eat on our way to the national park. We didn’t need to stop at a restaurant or to buy snacks. We had plenty of food the whole way to the mountains, which is a great way to avoid people (easy-peasy for me).

During our Smoky Mountain trip, we took our dog into the town once in the morning. There were few people walking about; It made it easier to avoid the annoying ones that don’t ask before they pet your dog. Dogs apparently can carry COVID too. They don’t get the same symptoms as humans though.

For most of our activities, we concentrated on hikes. We didn’t wear masks on our hikes, because it was so humid. However, we would stand to the side and let other hikers pass us if necessary. The seclusion from people was the best thing we could do for ourselves.

We also never ate out at restaurants. We did a pick up our first day, which was a horrible idea. At noon, there are so many people walking back and forth without masks. I wore mine to pick up the food, but even that felt unsafe. The next couple of days, we ordered our food on Grubhub and got it delivered to our hotel.

We came back from the trip and met our families. No one got sick, so that’s a win in my book. It’s very possible to enjoy your free time and create new memories during the pandemic. But please take precautions, because the last thing we need is another spike and an overwhelmed healthcare system.



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