With a Little Help from My Friends (Madison, WI)

Hi Globetrotters,

Man, I have been working like a horse…at least 12-hour days. It doesn’t help that I can’t turn off my brain at night, and wake up at 3 AM. The only way for me to get rid of stress is to get the work done and over. I needed the R&R and I needed it STAT!

Where to…?

Since every chance is precious, we decided to take a trip to our friend’s new home. He left us recently (sad, so sad), but Mr. Lumberjack and I wanted to go see his pride and joy as well as hang out with some friends. The perfect trip in my opinion.

The ride took longer than expected. We honestly have the worst luck with traffic. Construction slowed us down. However, we arrived a day early to get some one-on-one time with the broski. Just the way I like it.

We built up the freshly- bought smoker, Loki pretty much claimed the home as his and we sat in the garage like old-timers reminiscing on our golden years.

The next day more people came to stay with our friend. I must shamefully admit we 100% broke CDC guidelines. We did not do the isolated bubble, the masks or the social distancing. However, now, we are quarantining ourselves to not pass any potential virus to any one.

We kayaked with our pup, Loki. Loki has never been on a boat, so A) he was confused on where to sit, B) he was seasick from the rocking C) he could not stand the direct sun. After he stopped moving around and started leaning on Mr. Lumberjack, we figured he was begging land. We turned back to shore and hung out on the beach while the others continued to kayak.

Shortly after, we sat extremely close to each other, getting to know some new friends, ate some smoked meats (thanks, babe!) and a bonfire where we ceremoniously burned a patented fedora from a crazed, old CEO. I fell asleep around midnight like little baby since I can’t hang like that.

Next morning, we shared a last supper -breakfast- and parted ways. Our friend was the best host. Nothing was planned and everyone was free to roam, relax at her leisure. I came back super relaxed and stayed that way until the following Monday. LOL.

I treasure the valuable friends I have. I don’t have many but the ones I do are one in a million. What do you love best about your friends?



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